Corporate Profile


The Company was formerly incorporated in 1993 as Hwa Hwee Construction Sdn Bhd by founder, Yap Chin Kee. The Company initially involved in limited area of construction works. Despite that, the enthusiasm and determination of the founder led to the expansion of scope of works from construction work including building residential, commercial units, infrastructure works to project management and development.

After 16 years, Hwa Hwee Construction & Trading Sdn Bhd was formed in 2009 with the mission to increase the range of services provided by the Company with ultimate and satisfactory quality service. It is the Company’s mission to become a reliable and preferred construction company by providing an ultimate quality and on time completion.

The Company has been assessed and awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 and G7 CIDB. Over the 22 years, the Company has undertaken more than 100 projects in different areas, such as, Kuala Lumpur, Kapar, Port Dickson and more. The Company is currently in the midst of expanding and always welcome the enthusiastic and dedicated team to bring changes to the Company.


Hwa Hwee Development Sdn Bhd

KL Sepang Development Sdn Bhd

Viva Heritage Development Sdn Bhd

Sejati Desa Development Sdn Bhd

Paradigm Hill Development Sdn Bhd

Rejoice Height Development Sdn Bhd


KL Tiara Sdn Bhd

Mutiara Jaya Construction Sdn Bhd

Mutiara Land Construction Sdn Bhd

Supply of Machinery

YKF Supplies Sdn Bhd

Hao Yun Resources Sdn Bhd